inlayers episode 8

As the piece begins to take form in small vignettes, episode 8 of inlayers explores how the dancers start to question their involvment in dance on a deeper level.

inlayers episode 7

In episode 7 of inlayers, the dancers take a second go at the improv where they had to chose a word to describe each other dancer’s energy and try and get them to work in the opposite direction.

inlayers episode 6

In episode 6, The dancers take on more contact improv and Taryn asks them to chose a word that describes each person and what type of energy they bring to the work.

inlayers episode 4

In episode 4 of the inlayers dance project. Taryn got on the floor and moved through a personal improv while the dancers watched and moved with her

inlayers episode 3

In episode 3 of the inlayers dance project, choreographer Taryn asked the dancers to bring a couple of objects to rehearsal that represents their story. With these objects they took part in an amazing 45 minute improvisation that allowed them all to get in contact with each other, and get to know one other and their […]

inlayers teaser is online dance project aimed at bringing a behind the scenes look at the process of creating a contemporary dance show. Created by Jenn Doan and Tayn Javier. Choreographed by Taryn Javier. Produced by Jenn Doan. Videography by Kaelen Ohm

Gabrielle Martin’s Infractions

Infractions is expressed in a series of six fractured scenes (Box, Container, Box2, Tusk, Pelt, and Limb) that explore themes of taming and containment, expressing an ambiguous dance between resistance and dependency.