Inlayers Episode 14

In episode 14 of inlayers, with only a few days left before opening night, the team meets in The Anthill Building in Calgary, Alberta where they will perform two shows. Taryn and the dancers spend three days reformatting the piece to fit the large, unconventional space. They all share a variety of insight, from dancing […]

Inlayers Episode 13

In episode 13, the dancers spend their last rehearsal in the studio before entering the performance space. Jenn shares her insight on the project as a whole.

inlayers episode 12

In episode 12 of inlayers, with only two rehearsals left before entering the space, the dancers are starting to feel the piece on a deeper level. Taryn has them create one last section of material for an ending, and the group shares where they are at personally before leaving the studio for good.

inlayers episode 11

The dancers have a ‘breakthrough’ run of the piece after a week of struggling to find a flow in rehearsals. Now that Taryn is “out of the quicksand” she can move forward to finish the piece.

inlayers episode 10

As the project is just passed half way, Taryn struggles to place each section in the right order. Simon, Jenn and Melina work on a challenging lift and Ralph feels the shift of moving from improv-based work to a more structured rehearsal.

inlayers episode 9

in episode 9 of inlayers, Ralph was away, and Taryn has the other four dancers take part in more improv where they have to work in the opposite way they are used to