Photo Credit: Mohamed Hamad

Photo Credit: Mohamed Hamad

Originally from Calgary Alberta, where she completed a BA in dance, Melina Stinson is a contemporary dance artist now based in Montreal.  After graduating from LADMMI l’ecole de danse contemporaine in  May 2009, she has worked professionally with such companies as: Manon Fait de la Danse, Human Playground, Inertia Productions and most recently, Carré des Lombes.  In 2008 Stinson cofounded AléAcréation, a contemporary dance company geared towards collaborative projects that bring together emerging and experienced artists.  Stinson is also passionate about creating her own choreography and often works in collaboration with musicians.  She has shown work at several choreographic events and festivals in both Montreal and Winnipeg.

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Melina began dancing when she was 17 years old in Calgary. She completed a BA in dance at the University of Calgary, and moved to Montréal to deepen her studies in contemporary dance where she received a diploma from l’école de danse contemporaine de Montréal in 2009. Since then, Melina has remained based in Montréal where her career has quickly blossomed into the professional world. She has worked with many Montréal companies such as Carré des Lombes, Bouge de là, Lost and Found, Human Playground, Pulse and Puppet, Woo Me Myth, as well as with internationally acclaimed choreographers such as Taryn Javier, Manon Oligny and Mélanie Demers. Melina’s work has led her to perform across Canada, in France and in Mexico so far.

Melina dances because she believes that the human body, as a tool for expression, understanding and common sense is an imperative part of our increasingly digitized world. She loves feeling like an explorer of the unexplainable and always hopes to incite curiosity in her audience, colleagues, students and also in herself. Melina believes that physical sensation precedes emotion and story. This first step is therefore primal, basic and what truly connects us to each other. Sensation is at the core of empathy. This intrinsic sensorial exchange among performers and with the audience in live performance is what draws Melina to the theatre. She continues to investigate a range of physical movements, from ugly to beautiful, in order to create as many different sensations as possible. Melina has enjoyed experimenting in new theatrical territory with Theatre Junction during Sometime Between Now And When The Sun Goes Supernova, as well as this fall’s new seedling creation with TJ Lab#1.